Bloomscape’s Tough Stuff Collection is Perfect for the Not-so-Greenthumb

Most of us love houseplants, but some are better than others at keeping them healthy and alive. We’ve been to a few houses where well meaning folks have left plants to wither and die, or overwatered to the point of death.

Luckily, Bloomscape has an answer, with their Tough Stuff collection, plants that are exceptionally resilient, and basically, hard to kill.

For $65, they’ll send you three plants in handsome pots and premium soil, including Sansevieria, Hoya, and ZZ Plant. It’s a no brainer if you aren’t a natural green thumb, and Bloomscape will guarantee the plants if they die within 30 days.

Each of these three plants is incredibly easy, will adapt to nearly any available light, and are extremely forgiving. Their easy-going nature makes them perfect for office spaces, dorm rooms, and beginners.

The Sansevieria with its upright, variegated leaves complements the sturdy layered dark green leaves of the ZZ Plant. While the trailing nature of the Hoya with its bright, tear-shaped leaves adds some movement to the collection.

These plants will adapt to nearly all light conditions, require very little water, and will thrive on their own.