Perfect Day Foods’ Animal Free Dairy

It’s a big ask to have people give up their dairy habits for the sake of climate change. Switching to almond milk on your cereal is one thing, but eliminating all cheese, butter, and ice cream is another. 🧀 🧈

Perfect Day is betting that you don’t have to give up your favorite dairy items to go vegan. Indeed, they’re creating a whole lineup of lab-grown dairy that is entirely animal-free.

By focusing on the milk proteins that make up dairy, they’ve been able to replicate products we know and love with lab-grown microflora. By giving the gene 🧬 “blueprints” to the microflora, the whey and casein proteins can be reproduced in ways that are identical to what cows 🐮 produce.

Perfect Day then partners with food producers to create products like ice cream that are animal free, yet taste like the real thing. 👅

Brands like Nick’s and Brave Robot 🤖 are already using Perfect Day’s animal free milk base in their ice cream.

The company is actively working on other dairy products, from cream cheese and milk, to butter.

We’re fascinated by how the food landscape is changing, and what might make up our diets in the next ten to fifteen years. We’re hopeful that it will be better for the planet 🌏, but still delicious 🤤.