Captured Finnish Landscapes by Christoffer Relander


“Reality can be beautiful, but the surreal often absorbs me. Photography to me is a way to express and stimulate my imagination. Nature is simply the world. With alternative and experimental camera techniques I am able to create artworks that otherwise only would be possible through painting or digital manipulation in an external software.”

This is the sentiment of photographer Christoffer Relander, a Finnish photographer that we’ve posted about before.   His work can be enigmatic, yet shows a cleverness that we gravitate toward.  His double exposure photographs showcase his native Finland in a bottled and jarred context, neatly contextualizing the landscapes of this northern country.  The landscapes are cold and wintry, giving them a somewhat lonely context. We’d love to see this idea extrapolated, perhaps using digital projection or the like, so that the jars could be handled and touched, with the landscape imagery inside preserved. Via Colossal: