Bud Lamp Brings A Colorful Pop of Spring Into Your Home

We really like the look of this Bud Lamp, which is portable, dimmable, and comes in a variety of lovely shades.

Designed by Melissa Yip, the lamp can be used on bedside tables, for camping trips, you name it. The battery life is approximately 20 hours, and has just the right kind of glow for mood lighting. You simply push to illuminate.

Via Design Milk and Innermost


“Bud is a go-anywhere do-anything LED lamp. Whether illuminating a night picnic, a romantic rooftop dinner or an indoor play den, this rechargeable portable lamp frees you from the constraints of cables, with a three step dimming function to adjust to any situation.Imitating nature, the globe bulb is shelled by two petal-like forms which appear to simultaneously hold and protect the light.”