Cape Town Tree House

cape-town-tree-house-moss and fog cover

Amongst the eucalyptus trees of the beautiful South African city is the Cape Town Tree House. The stunning home is made of four steel “trunks” that form the structure, with another central core within. The vertically oriented house provides great views of Table Mountain, Cape Town’s famous peak. Designed by Malan Vorster, the house is made of steel and western red cedar, and has a wonderfully airy interior flow. Steel elements that makeup the trunks create a tree-like experience inside the home, and the 360 degree views of trees and nature give this home a very special experience.  If you happen to know the owners, please let us know. We’d like to spend a weekend there. For those of you wanting more options for treehouse rentals, check out The 6 Coolest Airbnb Treehouses You Can Rent, posted by AllTheRooms.comVia Uncrate:

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