Flyte’s New Hoverboard Sculpture Channels Your Inner Back to The Future Nostalgia

Flyte helped bring the era of magnetically floating art objects to life, with their Kickstarter-launched items, which brought a bit of magic to our lives.

Their latest project is the Flyte Hoverboard, which takes a full-size skateboard deck, and levitates it with their signature magnetic floating technology.

No, you can’t stand on it, and it only hovers on its plugged-in base, but in terms of inspiration, the Hoverboard feels nearly as magical as the colorful one Michael J. Fox stepped onto in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Currently fundraising on Kickstarter, the full-size sculpture is limited to 500 pieces, and will sell for $1799. If that feels out of reach, Flyte is also offering a smaller, mini version for backing as well.

“The hoverboard is a reminder that the future doesn’t have to be so bleak. It can be filled with imagination, creativity, and wonder.”