LEGO Should Make This Fun Modular Desk Toy and Charger for Adults

No, this isn’t a real LEGO product yet, don’t get your wallet out quite yet. But Turkish designer İbrahim Can Erdinçmer shows the potential of a desktop phone charger with a modular LEGO component, which would be a ton of fun.

Featuring a wireless phone charger with a clickable set of components, the LEGO Brick not only allows small-scale play, but features add-ons like lights and status cubes that connect to the system.

The clever and inviting design begs the question: Why doesn’t LEGO get into the home electronics/home device market? They are one of the few toy brands that command huge respect (and dollars) from adults, and we can see a targeted line of electronics be a huge hit for them.

We appreciate the small-scale of the design, which gives limited space to play, but the perfect amount for those needing to keep themselves busy while working at a desk all day.


There’s even a small speaker component that clicks onto the system, allowing for music anywhere. What do you think? Should LEGO stick to doing traditional brick sets, or should they consider one-off products like this?

Via YankoDesign: