Classic Cocktail Recipes Told With Elaborate Infographics

classic cocktails moss and fog 1

We’re both impressed and envious by Jing Zhang‘s cocktail infographics, we wish we had thought of such a clever concept. In her classic cocktail graphics, drinks like the Moscow Mule and Bellini are broken down by ingredient, but also by location, through elaborate details and cute graphical tidbits.  The Sazerac, for example, is garnished with a lemon twist, and a slice of Southern American nostalgia.  Her work is packed with fun detail, but also a level of creativity and charm that is rare in infographics today. It’s also a legitimate cocktail recipe guide. Great stuff! Via Behance:

classic cocktails moss and fog 2classic cocktails moss and fog 3classic cocktails moss and fog 4classic cocktails moss and fog 5classic cocktails moss and fog 6