Classic Drink Posters for Aperol

aperol moss and fog 1

Classic may be a bit of a stretch, considering this is an ongoing campaign for them. But the classic-inspired posters for Aperol on their Instagram page are charming, and make us want to open up our bottle at home.  Aperol is an Italian apéritif made of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona, and is relatively low in alcohol. It’s a great bar mixer, or great served on ice with some seltzer. The other classic way is the Aperol spritz, using Aperol, Prosecco, and lime or orange. We drink a fair amount of it in the summer, and it’s by far the most popular apéritif in Italy.  Their Instagram page is alive with color and personality, but we find these vintage-inspired poster designs the most charming, with chunky type, and a slightly scratchy, textured-like appearance. Drink up!

aperol moss and fog 2aperol moss and fog 3aperol moss and fog 4aperol moss and fog 5aperol moss and fog 6aperol moss and fog 7