DeLorean Dreams

delorean dreams moss and fog cover

Back to the Future has etched it’s mark on many a mind around the world, the 80’s movie series being so iconic and memorable.  The most iconic character, aside from Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly, is the stainless steel DeLorean, a strange and impractical car that still garners oohs and ahhs today, mostly due to it’s connection to the movie series. While the company that made the DeLorean tanked decades ago, they’ve been reborn in a sort, selling parts for the old cars, as well as memorabilia.

Photographer and creative genius Felix Hernandez brings the car to life in classic Back to the Future form with his photo series, using a number of real effects, like smoke, fire, and sparks.  The top image shows his finished composite, while the ones below show his fun in-process steps.

delorean dreams moss and fog 2delorean dreams moss and fog 3delorean dreams moss and fog 5delorean dreams moss and fog 6