Colossal Plans to Bring The Wooly Mammoth Back to Life

We’re equally excited and terrified by the prospect of bringing extinct animals back to life. On one hand, it would be incredible to see these huge beasts roam the earth, and fascinating to see how their evolution continues.

On the other, ‘playing god’ is rarely a good idea, and movies like Jurassic Park and it’s many sequels should make that point crystal clear.

However, that’s not stopping scientists from their pursuits. Colossal Laboratories is a new company founded with the mission to bring the mammoth 🦣 back to life, a creature that hasn’t walked the earth in more than 3,700 years.

Their mission of de-extinction aims to help not just bring back extinct animals like the Wooly Mammoth, but also improve the odds of currently endangered animals. Their plan to edit the genetic code of animals that are endangered could potentially help those species withstand diseases and adapt better to a changing climate.

With a new round of funding, Colossal Laboratories aims to get to work on their impressive goal immediately.

See more on their website.