Craigslist Encounters II


Before you worry, this post is SFW. But with a title like “Craigslist Encounters”, it’s fair to be nervous. Craigslist conjures up shady, seedy images, and truth be told, there is a lot of unsavory business done through the online site.  But that’s part of the intrigue behind Craigslist Encounters II, an ongoing series by Kremer Johnson and Jeff Whitlock. Using the following Craigslist posting, they’ve been meeting fascinating people for portrait opportunities:

“Portrait subject needed. Compensation: $20 per hour.
Portrait photographer seeking subjects. Looking for interesting people to photograph… All shapes, races, genders and sizes are welcome. I will come to you at your convenience.”


The series started in Los Angeles, though this second installment looks to take place in the Bay Area. It’s fascinating to see the variety of people that respond to the ad and volunteer to have their portraits taken.  The outfits and locations are as varied as the type of people that the photographers encounter. From goth types in their living rooms, to ballerinas next to a swimming pool, the series is a small snapshot of America, thanks to the strange persistence of an old-school website. Via Behance: