Delicious Low Poly Fruit


What, pray tell, is low poly? Well, think of it as polygon renderings, on a loose and relaxed vacation. Low-poly refers to low-definition, simplistic forms. And artist Gonzalo Ausejo from Qatar has a delicious collection of renderings that DesignBoom refers to as Neon Nectar. Strangely satisfying, no? Via DesignBoom and the artist’s Behance page.

119b8222249635.5630f22935479 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-01 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-04 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-05 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-013 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-015