Detailed Nature Paintings Come Alive on Wood

The hyper-detailed paintings of insects and animals by Tiffany Bozic are made more organic and interesting by her choice of maple panels as canvasses.  Not only do the natural lines and grain of the wood add visual interest, but Bozic embraces the texture and lines of the grain, using it as features in some of her series, entitled Spectrum. Really pretty and fascinating work.  On display at the Joshua Liner gallery in New York.Via Notcot:



Bozic’s work addresses the deep connections between ourselves and the natural world, focusing here on the vast array of emotions we all share. Her compositions encourage universal understandings, as she uses her work to explore experiences shared between all who inhabit the earth. The title for this new body of work, Spectrum, stresses this breadth of emotional connections, explaining that her work is a celebration of these possibilities.