Earth Day 2019 – Gloom or Bloom?

Happy Earth Day! Or should it be, Happy Earth Day? We feel conflicted on this Earth Day, in the year 2019.

It’s true, there are a ton of good news stories coming out about people taking a stand for the planet, about cities and communities adopting eco-friendly practices.  But it also seems like the major issues are still barely being addressed, from deforestation and habitat loss in the tropics, to offshore drilling and record-breaking melting in the arctic.

We promise to post some beautiful, uplifting stories. But in the meantime we want to revisit these shocking-yet-stunning advertisements for German environmental group Robin Wood. With the title ‘Destroying Nature is Destroying Life’, they make a huge visual impact with their blending of creature + its destroyed habitat.

We sure hope we don’t have to keep revisiting tragic and depressing work like this, and can instead pivot to all the good news…..