Enormous Nuclear Powered Aircraft Concept Holds 5,000 Passengers

File this under unrealistic yet fascinating. A giant, city-in-the-sky, able to hold 5,000 people, akin to the massive spaceship in Wall-E.

This concept design would be held aloft by 20 huge electric engines, all powered by a nuclear reactor. What could go wrong?

We applaud the vision of the design, a lofty idea that seems unlikely to ever be made, yet expands our imagination. Called Sky Hotel, the concept is rendered by Hashem Al-Ghaili.


Via Uncrate:

“Its interior sits below a glass ceiling allowing natural light to shine down on the main entertainment deck, complete with shopping centers, swimming pools, restaurants, theaters, arcades, and sports centers. A disk-like observatory on the haul offers a 360-degree view of the skies, while three balconies on each side provide additional viewpoints to take on the experience. “