Explore Mars’ Stunning Surface in Anticipation of This Week’s Rover Landing

This Thursday, February 18, NASA will attempt to land a large rover on the surface of Mars, after a seven month journey to the Red Planet. The rover, Perseverance, will hopefully land gently on Mars’ Jerezo Crater, and begin a multi year exploration of the surface. In addition to a range of scientific features, the rover has 23 cameras, and for the first time, should capture audio and video of the landing experience.  Also, Perseverance holds an experimental drone aircraft named Ingenuity, which will attempt short flights from the rover’s home base to explore other areas.

To get ready for the next Mars adventure (provided the landing goes well), here are some stunning hi-res images of Mars, taken from Perseverance’s brother, Curiosity. And make sure to tune in on February 18 to take part in the excitement.