Fascinating Electronic Album Mixes in Endangered Bird Calls to Draw Attention to Their Plight


What a cool project, this album brings together a number of respected electronic artists, and asks them to creatively combine their music with the song of ten different endangered birds from their region. This album focuses on birds (and musicians) from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

The result is an engaging listen that actually brings you the voice of the birds themselves, mixed and compiled in beautiful ways. Below is one track by The Garifuna Collective, with sounds of the Black Catbird in the song.

Even better, 100% of the sales of the album go to causes to help these endangered animals.

Some of the bird species featured in this album include the Momoto Carenado (Keel-billed motmot) from Nicaragua, Ferminia (Cuba) and the Jamaican Blackbird (Jamaica)

For the album we chose 10 endangered or threatened bird species and challenged 10 of our favourite producers or musicians from the region. Working with the Xeno Canto birdsong community and the Macaulay Library, we sourced a recording of each bird’s song. Each artist was then asked to create an original piece of music inspired by the bird and its song.


Keel-billed motmot

Created by Shika Shika, this is the second album in this vein, and an inspiration for animal lovers and music lover alike.

Read more about the album and purchase digital downloads on Bandcamp.