Floating City Resembling Pods of Whales Proposed for the Future

One of the finalists of Dezeen’s Redesign the World Competition, Justinian Khoo imagines floating pods that create a city, almost like a pod of whales.

Created for a post-climate change world, the architecture takes into account the effects of sea level rise, and imagines how we might adapt to it.

Via Dezeen:

“Called The Whales, the clusters of cities, which Khoo designed to resemble pods of the large marine mammals, would be powered entirely by renewable energy harnessed from the sea, sun and wind.

Fish farming would provide protein-rich food for the inhabitants of the cities, with the waste used to fertilise crops on floating farms.

Vegetation would also be used as a natural filtration system for waste water, while food waste would be composted to minimise landfill.

By moving humanity into the floating cities, Khoo imagines being able to allow nature to rewild the planet’s landmasses in order to restore natural ecosystems and reverse climate change.”