Green Spine, Winner of Melbourne’s Southbank Skyscraper Contest


For the last several weeks, an international contest has been held to bring the best designs for Melbourne’s Southbank by Beulah downtown district, home to a future crop of skyscrapers. The winner, UNStudio and Cox Architecture, has just been announced, and their design is nothing short of stunning. The $2 Billion site will be home to a pair of twisting, undulating towers called Green Spine, the tallest of which will reach over 1,000 feet high.


The development will take the title as Australia’s tallest building, and will provide a daring and modern new addition to Melbourne’s Southbank district. Regularly considered one of the most livable cities in the world, Melbourne has outshined it’s bigger brother Sydney of late. Full of artist, designers, and a burgeoning tech sector, the city will now be home to an architecturally significant link to the future.


Full of green spaces and publicly accessible terraces, the building hopes to ‘future-proof’ itself, and be a living legacy for the city.


“The Green Spine showed work by a strong, multidisciplinary collaborative team that is a bold, yet thoroughly considered approach to creating a context driven landmark as an addition to Melbourne’s skyline,” said Beulah International Executive Director Adelene Teh. “In its details, the scheme displays a strong intent for well-considered public and private amenity, and at street level, the proposal displays qualities that will truly transform the public realm by eroding the hard edges that is prevalent in Southbank.”