Grove Skateboard Backs

My friend Joe runs Grove, a design/creative shop in Portland that makes iPhone and iPad cases. Joe started by engraving Moleskine journals and iPods. When the iPhone blew up, he teamed up with a friend and formed a collaboration called Grove. They pounced on the growing marketplace of third-party accessories, and their machined and laser-engraved bamboo cases became a hit. Partnering with illustrators and artists for their engraved artwork, Grove has found a winning formula of making highly-personalized phone cases. Their latest offering is really cool, the iPhone Skate Back. Salvaged wood from skateboard manufacturers is used to make these thin, precise wooden backs to protect your phone. Grove has partnered with fellow Portlander Lindsey Jo Holmes of Maple XO to salvage the skateboard scraps and turn them into something useful and beautiful. Available for $49.

Over the last few years, the team has grown to nearly 30 people, but they remain committed to hand-finished, personalized work and service.

Keep doing awesome work, guys!