Heartbreaking Footage of Mailman Delivering to Fire Ravaged Santa Rosa

The fires that swept through California’s North Bay this week (and are still burning) were truly terrible, even by the state’s intense fire season standards. 70 mph winds whipped walls of flames at incredible speed into populated areas of the city of Santa Rosa, causing destruction and a great loss of life. As of Friday morning, the deaths from the fires were over 32.

The devastation was brought into focus with aerial drone footage that followed a US postman delivering mail to an entire neighborhood that was burned to the ground. Seemingly pointless, the mail must still be delivered, and some former residents most likely had paychecks and other important items delivered, all the more critical now that all of their possessions are gone. The footage shows utter devastation, cars melted to their cores, entire homes reduced to ash. A sad and scary example of just how deadly and destructive fires can be. Footage by cinematographer Douglas Thron. Via LS:

santa rosa fires

An entire neighborhood burned to the ground, overnight.

Santa Rosa fires

The mailman sadly going about his daily route.

Santa Rosa fires

One side of the street looks perfectly intact, while the other shows complete destruction.