Book Your Night in the Wes Anderson House on Airbnb

We love Wes Anderson, and have posted about his movies many times.  We’ve even posted about Anderson-esque photographers and the like. But now we can share an Airbnb listing that is entirely dedicated to the prolific director. Located in Prince Edward, Ontario, “Mr. Anderson’s House” has a different movie theme for each room. One bedroom is Camp Ivanhoe (Moonrise Kingdom). Another is the Darjeeling Limited tearoom. Margot’s Bedroom (Royal Tenebaums) is decorated with replica pieces from the film. The living room is dubbed the S.S. Belafonte (The Life Aquatic), complete with ship motifs and memorabilia.  Tastefully done, the home is charming and livable, with a great sense of fun put into each room. The description from the homeowner:

I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum. Each room in this home is themed after a different film in director Wes Anderson’s repertoire, some more subtly than others. This house is a love letter to him, and an ever-evolving design project. Mr. Anderson’s House is a century home in the wine and culture-rich County of Prince Edward. It’s located within a 5 minute walk of Picton Main Street shops and restaurants, and a short drive to Sandbanks beaches. You have permission to sleep over.

The home is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and rents for $185/night. Go check it out! Via Uncrate:

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog2

Movie quotes throughout the home

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog3

Darjeeling Limited Tearoom

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog4

Rushmore Office

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog5

Suzy Bishop Look Nook

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog6

Margot’s Bedroom

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog7

Camp Ivanhoe Bedroom

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog8

Mr. Anderson’s House Exterior

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog9

Detail of Camp Ivanhoe

mr-andersons-house-moss and fog10

S.S. Belafonte Detail