Human Nature, a Living Installation

In a project that blurs the lines between performance art, science, sculpture and spirituality, Christophe Guinet’s Human Nature exhibit is making an impact in Provence, France. The trees in the outdoor sculpture garden have an uncanny human element to them, elements artfully blended with the trees themselves to create brilliant analogies between man and nature. We’re especially impressed by the moss elements, and the way the simple gestures the trees are making take on such importance in this context.


Via DesignBoom:

Under the playful epithet of Monsieur Plant, Guinet presents 5 productions, inspired by what ‘nature’ offers us; The Serenity, by its calm and quiet; The Way, that leads us on the right path; The Patience, it teaches us to wait calmly such a cycle; The Creation, with its power of regeneration and The Contemplation and its meditative state of rest.