Kith + New Balance Release Special Edition Frank Lloyd Wright Sneakers at Taliesin West

Sneakers might sound like a strange collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, especially since we can’t picture the famous architect ever walking around in athletic shoes.

However, the shoe is here, and it’s called the New Balance Made in USA 998 – Broadacre City, a collaboration with New Balance, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and fashion company Kith.

The limited-edition sneakers are a four-tone color block style, inspired by the architectural sketches Wright made of his unbuilt  futuristic plan – Broadacre City. The colors of the shoes also reflect the desert landscapes of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home, and the school he set up outside of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The sneakers were available solely at Taliesin West, and it’s unclear whether they’ll be available for wider sale in the future.

We appreciate this unlikely pairing, and imagine if Wright saw the sneakers, he might try on a pair and give a tour of architectural genius in the desert.