“Lego Grandma” Creates Wheelchair Ramps in Her Hometown Made Entirely of LEGO

Being disabled hasn’t slowed Rita Ebel down, in fact it’s given her an opportunity to be known as the “Lego Grandma” in her hometown of Hanau, Germany.

The wheelchair-bound Ebel was frustrated by her town’s lack of accessibility, and decided to take matters into her own hands. Using a stash of LEGOs, she crafted a set of small ramps for her wheelchair to use to enter storefronts.

The colorful bricks became a miniature sensation, and spawned a whole series of ramps, which she makes with her husband, and has placed all over her town.  In addition to being vibrant and fun, they capture the attention of able-bodied people, bringing attention to the needs of those with disabilities.

Clever idea, clever execution.  Via Brightvibes: