Some floating whimsy for your Monday. I like Natsumi Hayashi’s delicate style and composition.

Via NY Times Lens Blog:

No, Yowayowa Camera Woman is not jumping.

She’s levitating.

Ms. Hayashi, who lives in Tokyo, presents photographs of herself looking light as air, shot mostly around the city. The images have earned her a respectable following on her blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Levitation photos are supposed to emphasize the natural flow of time, said Ms. Hayashi, who usually shoots with a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or faster. A crowded scene is more difficult to shoot, because the people in the background have to look as if they’re going about their business.

The pose, too, is important. A position that feels right may not mesh well with the environment. “I must be aware of the shapes of my arms and legs and make slight adjustments in every jump,” she said.

Yowayowa Camera Woman looks as if she’s doing a slow, lyrical dance through the air. The more complicated — in some cases, dangerous — the pose appears, the less inclined a viewer will be to anticipate a landing. Ms. Hayashi holds her head high, averting her eyes from her landing point. She releases her muscles. She points the soles of her feet to the sky.

And she readies herself for a fall, knowing that it’s important to maintain the pose in the air.

“When I am free of the gravity inside the picture, I feel free of any obligation to the society and live without being bound to many things.”