Library Of Misremembered Books

In her recent release ‘Library of Misremembered Books‘, Marina Luz  paints us pictures of books that we vaguely recall, but not really.

The idea is relatable, when you remember just a tidbit about a story, but don’t recall the author or title.  It’s a charming collection, and a perfect gift for a book lover.

Via Kottke:

“Readers know all too well the comedy and tragedy of forgetting the name of a must-find book. Inspired by this torturous predicament, artist Marina Luz creates paintings of books based on the descriptions we use when we can’t remember their titles—mining Internet book-search forums for the quirky, vague, and often hilarious language we come up with in these moments. This volume collects dozens of these imaginary books into a library all their own: Titles like “Cat, Possibly Named Henry,” “It Was All a Dream,” or “Something-Something, Beverly Hills” inspire dreaming up their contents, often as entertaining as trying to guess the real book behind them. A celebration of book love unlike any other, this petite book is a clever gift for bibliophiles that will spark knowing smiles.”