Milky Way Majesty

This remarkable series of “astro-lapses”showcases the vastness and beauty of the Milky Way galaxy. Created by Adrien Mauduit, Galaxies Vol III is a peaceful and stunning view of the stars above us. Via Vimeo Staff Picks:


There’s something fascinating about our own home galaxy. Even if we still cannot look at it from above and gaze at the full span of its arms, the sideway view offers a quite a showdown. To me the central part of the milky way is the most spectacular sight of the night sky. It’s something you can clearly see with the naked eye when you are away from city lights. It’s a sight that really brings your down to Earth and lets you wonder at how small we are, while comforting you in the thought that you are part of this Earth and the Universe. I could gaze for hours at the central bulge and just contemplate its compelling beauty from where it rises till where it sets.