NEOWISE Comet Photographed Over Oregon’s Mount Hood

Currently visible to the Northern Hemisphere through the end of July, the NEOWISE comet has been sighted in the early mornings, streaking silently through our skies.

Portland-based photographer Lester Tsai patiently waited for just the right moments to capture these amazing shots of snowcapped Mt. Hood with NEOWISE beautifully positioned overhead. We see a bright tail sailing over the snowcapped peak’s of Oregon’s most well known volcano, flanked by rich green forests.

We admire photographers like Tsai to spend the time to capture iconic celestial moments like these, and share them with the world. Make sure to check out his Instagram and website for more.

Photographs used with artist’s permission.


It took two hours of waiting but Comet NEOWISE finally lined up directly over beautiful Mt Hood as the horizon began to fill with color from the approaching dawn. This celestial visitor won’t be around again for almost 7,000 years so catch it while you can! If you look closely you can see the second faint tail. Do you see it?

            -Lester Tsai, @lestertsaiphotography