Photographer Brad Walls Captures the Unique Art of Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming seems like a relic from a lost era to us. It harkens back to black and white films and the golden age of cinema.

Sydney-based photographer Brad Walls has brought it alive with an aerial series that captures the finesse, movement, and choreography beautifully. Just in time for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, his series “Water Geomaids” captures the essence of the aquatic art. The care that went into the swimming and movement, and also the photography is impressive.

Check out the talented photographer’s website and instagram.

Images used with artist’s permission.


Walls teamed up with a Sydney-based Synchronised Swimming team choreographed by Katrina Ann, a former competitor who has competed at the Commonwealth Games and in multiple World Championships. Ann took no convincing to work with Walls, saying “Artistic swimmers spend hours every day working to achieve perfection. With Brad’s eye for detail, perspective and creativity, we were able to showcase our hard work that is often lost to the naked eye.”