The Most Beautiful Gas Stations Around the World

We generally like to embrace the future, so a post about gas stations didn’t immediately seem relevant to us. But Kottke has gathered such an intriguing collection of stunning, outlandish fueling stations, we couldn’t help ourselves.

A farrrrrr cry from the basic, plasticky Shell stations we all are familiar with, these architectural gems make you stop and say “wait, this is where I fill up my tank?”

We’re left both impressed by the effort that went into these stations, and curious why they were able to attract the talent of world class architects.

Have you been to any of these architectural wonders?  Do we have a future of beautiful EV charging stations in our future?

Los Angeles. Helios House by architects Office dA

Location: Oklahoma, USA Architect: Elliott + Associates, 2007

Batumi, Georgia. Fuel Station + McDonald’s by Khmaladze Architects

Matúškovo, Slovakia. GAS – gas station chain by Atelier SAD

Losa Angeles. United Oil Gasoline Station by Kanner Architects

Bucharest, Romania. Litro Premium Gas Station by Eight Inc.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Skovshoved Petrol Station by Arne Jacobsen.

Finland. Architects Emma Johansson, Willem van Bolderen, Mikko Jakonen, Pauliina Kujala and Tiia Anttila


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