Pixar’s Latest Film ‘Lightyear’ Features Same Sex Kiss That Got it Banned in Many Muslim Countries

Pixar is the juggernaut of animated films, raking in Oscars (and dollars) with every feature release.  The California-based company also features a lot of heart in their films, making sure to spend extensive time on storytelling and emotion throughout the movies.

Their latest film, Lightyear, is an origin story for Buzz Lightyear, of the Toy Story franchise. It features a young Buzz Lightyear as he flies through the galaxy. His co-space ranger, Alisha Hawthorne, is a black woman, and she marries a woman in the film, and one short scene features a loving hug and kiss between them.

This scene featuring a very G-rated kiss between females is the center of the film’s controversy in Muslim countries.

The absurdity of this ban underscores how behind-the-times these countries are, which so far includes The U.A.E., Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others, with Indonesia and Malaysia threatening to ban the film.

We applaud Disney for not only keeping the tame, appropriate, and culturally-realistic scene in the film, but also standing up to homophobic views, using their clout to help normalize same sex relationships.

Here’s hoping the film is a success upon its launch June 17 🚀, and for more films that challenge the status quo when it comes to L.G.B.T.Q. issues.

Check out the trailer below, and read more via The New York Times.