Resting Reef Turns Human Cremains Into Living Ocean Habitats

There are a number of firms that are looking to innovate the ways that human remains can bet better used than just buried in a coffin in the ground. One of these is Resting Reef, which carefully 3D prints artificial reef forms using cremated ashes.

The company, based out of the UK is tackling two major problems. One is the highly pollutive afterlife industry, which includes traditional burials and cremation. The other is the plight of coral reefs, which have been highly damaged due to ocean acidification and temperature rise.

Resting Reef aims to create a low-carbon alternative, turning cremains into highly useful reefs, which will form habitat for ocean life, and provide, in essence, a second life for the remains.

An elegant solution that we hope catches on. Via Yanko Design:

“A meaningful memorial service and burial that regenerates marine biodiversity, sequesters carbon, filters water and prevents coastal erosion.”

– Resting Reef