Simple Yet Elegant Magnifying Dock for Apple Watch

The ubiquitous Apple Watch has a handy feature when set on its side. It shows the time and date in a large simple manner, like a bedside clock.

The NightWatch Magnifying Dock takes that concept a step further, placing the watch in a sphere, which turns your watch into a large, easy-to-read bedside clock. An elegant and simple solution, we like the way it takes an existing piece of technology, and amplifies the usability, extending your Apple Watch into a nightstand clock.

Available for $85 from Uncrate:

Via Uncrate: 

“Made from a single piece of solid lucite, your watch slides perfectly behind the domed base. Its curved design magnifies the watch’s face and displays it like a bedside clock. While docked, patented tap functions allow owners to wake up the watch with a single touch, while built-in sound channels amplify alarms to keep you running on time. Lastly, your existing Apple Watch magnetic charging cable neatly fits in to the back of the dock so your watch automatically begins charging once placed in the dock, and you’re done fumbling around with finding your cord behind the nightstand for good”