Ridwell Hopes to Help You Recycle Common Yet Frustrating Items Like Batteries, Plastic Wrap and More

Ridwell is a Seattle-based recycling company born out of a father and son’s frustration in trying to recycle batteries.

Finding companies that accepted items like batteries for recycling proved to be so difficult, that Ryan Metzger decided a new business needed to rise to meet that challenge. Ridwell offers convenient (and nicely designed) front porch pickups for items that are traditionally difficult to recycle, like plastic film, light bulbs, bubble wrap, fabric scraps and styrofoam peanuts. And, of course, batteries.

Making recycling easy and convenient makes it far more likely that these often-trashed items will find their way back into the product-stream, which is the whole point of recycling in the first place. Reusable cloth bags are clearly labeled and help users make sure they’re organizing their recyclables properly.

Ridwell’s service is still rolling out to key parts of the country, but it’s an exciting offering, and we love the way this company is stepping up to help ease the frustrations that come with recycling.  Plans start at $12/month.