Sea-Thru is a Visual Algorithm to Magically Remove Water From Underwater Photography

Underwater photography has always been tricky, and scientists have often had to use very specialized equipment or rely on tools like Photoshop to artificially enhance images to see the true colors of coral and ocean life. The way light reflects causes a blue green distortion, and gives most underwater photography that typical washed out look.

Oceanographer and engineer Derya Akkaynak has devised a new algorithm, cleverly named ‘Sea Thru’ that cancels out those blue green hues, producing underwater imagery so pristine that it looks like the water has been magically erased from the photos.

It’s a truly remarkable advancement, take a look at the photos and video below to see the before and after magic. Via Scientific American.


“The algorithm differs from applications such as Photoshop, with which users can artificially enhance underwater images by uniformly pumping up reds or yellows.”