‘Spoon Archaeology’ Exhibit Showcases Plastic Cutlery Like Ancient Artifacts

Created by designers Kai Linke and Peter Eckart, the exhibit Spoon Archaeology is part of the London Design Biennale, and brings attention to both the silliness and profound way that plastic cutlery has become such a part of our lives. A truly impressive collection that was gathered over 20 years, we see every manner of plastic spoon and spork, arranged by color and shape with care.

Seen under exhibit glass gives the cheap, throwaway utensils a different feel, as was intended by the creators:

“Presented in frames, where normally dead insects are presented in natural history exhibition, the cutlery becomes artefacts of a culture, which has to change in a basic way – not only by changing plastic materials to so-called ‘eco-friendly’ materials,”

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