Stunning Climate Initiative Poster

climate poster moss and fog 1

In response to our joke of a president pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, we’re going to post stories this week about climate change, and the ways in which protecting our planet is good for everything. If you’re smart, green investments can be highly lucrative, while also protecting our fragile planet, as it goes through it’s toughest test in millennia.

Luckily, there are smart and talented people from all over the world working to solve this enormous problem. Artist Florent Hauchard from Paris has a beautiful poster for the Fondation BNP PARIBAS. Dynamic and full of great colorful detail, Hauchard pays tribute to air, land, and sea. Below you can see some of the poster’s aspects in greater detail, and get a sense for how the whole thing came together. Via Behance.

climate poster moss and fog 2

climate poster moss and fog 3