Climate Crisis Typeface Melts Away Like the Polar Ice Caps

Climate change is rapidly changing our world, with lasting repercussions. Melting polar ice is one of the most dramatic and impactful events, threatening to raise sea levels and impact coastal cities worldwide.

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat is bringing attention to the crisis with the release of a Climate Crisis Font, a chunky sans serif typeface with weights that mimic melting ice caps.

When you choose the font, instead of bold, medium, and light, you have timeframes to choose from, projecting a future where the font is significantly melted. It’s a tangible reminder of our fragile planet, and the tenuous future we have ahead of us.

Helsingin Sanomat has the font available to download for free. We’re excited to make some impactful art with it.

Via Dezeen:

Powerful use of the typeface which speaks to the ways climate change will impact future generations.