Surrealist Objects Bring Weird to the Everyday

Nancy Fouts has a knack for creating art that is familiar and strange all at once. ¬†Her surrealist creations combine objects together in impossible ways. Some of these designs have been explored by artists on Instagram, while others feel new and inventive. ¬†Whether visual metaphors or just fun visual combinations, exploring Fouts’ work is a good way to exercise your creative mind. Via Colossal:

nancy-fouts-moss-and-fog-1A combo of plant/balloon mashups.

Piano with grassA forlorn piano whose keys are sprouting grass.

nancy-fouts-moss-and-fog-3A hummingbird’s beak as a sharp stand-in for a record player needle.

nancy-fouts-moss-and-fog-4A pigeon wearing it’s own bread.

nancy-fouts-moss-and-fog-5Twin cherries culminate into a pair of well-used dice.

nancy-fouts-moss-and-fog-6A revolver covered in sharp spines.

nancy-fouts-moss-and-fog-coverOur favorite, a shuttlecock broken egg.