Surrealist Paintings from Paco Pomet

Jump into the world of the surreal with Paco Pomet, whose work is traditional on the surface, with just a hint of the surreal and absurd. His mostly greyscale paintings show scenes from years past, like Victorian portraits, land surveyors, and 50’s nostalgia. But each one has a pop of surrealist color, either an out-of-place symbol, or a bizarro jet of light overtaking a body part. The work doesn’t take itself too seriously, changing up the surrealism each time. It makes Pomet’s paintings fun and charming, versus dark and mysterious.  Based in Spain, his work is on display in the US, Denmark, Spain, among others.  Via Colossal:

surrealist moss and fog

A family gathered round to watch a fire icon?

surrealist moss and fog

Hmm…. what’s going on here, gentleman?


A Victorian portrait interrupted by extreme jets of brilliant light.


A digital pin looking quite out of place in the wilderness.


My, what long legs you have!


A setting sun matched by a low battery alert.


Some might big colored pencils, gentleman.