Swim in the Sky

Look up! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a woman doing the backstroke! This remarkable apartment complex being built in London is a world’s first, with a ‘pool bridge’ suspended ten stories above ground, allowing people to swim from one building to another. The glass-bottomed pool is sure to be strong, but you might want to think twice before doing that giant cannonball. Via DesignBoom:

glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-01 glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-02 glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-03 glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-04