Swimming Alongside ‘Deep Blue’, One of the Biggest Sharks in the World

Deep Blue is the name of this enormous female Great White shark, which measures 20 feet long, and many thousands of pounds.

These brave divers not only approach the shark, but swim alongside it, holding its fin as it gently drifts along.

It’s well known that sharks have been misunderstood for decades, and are now in great decline, due to overfishing and killing.  Indeed, many species are endangered and at risk of going extinct.

Sharks are not villains, and people pose far more risk to them than they do to us. Even still, it would be quite a rush to swim alongside such powerful, graceful creatures.

Via Laughing Squid:

“Diver, conservationist, and marine biologist Ocean Ramsey, who seems to have quite an amazing way with sharks, whales, and other large sea dwelling creatures, swam alongside an enormous female great white shark in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. “Deep Blue”, as she is known, is one of the largest great white sharks in the world. Ramsey was doubly pleased to learn that not only was this the same shark with whom she swam on previous dives but that she believed the shark was pregnant.”