Tackling Medicine Cabinet Waste with Eco-Friendly, Good Design

All of those foil packets and boxes of medicine really add up, when it comes to waste. Single-use plastic, blister-packs, ibuprofen bottles and alike crowd most of our medicine cabinets, and eventually, the landfill.

While some recycling happens, the majority of plastic ends up in the landfill, to sit for hundreds of years, or pollute our waterways and oceans.

Cabinet Health wants to do something about it, with a fresh approach to buying, storing, and dispensing medicine.

Their innovative, mail-order model allows for customization of medicines, and arrives to customers either in their frosted glass containers, or in compostable refill pouches. The result is a cohesive and pleasing experience, a big step up from the jumbled, wasteful process we use today.

The system they’ve devised allows for easy categorization of over-the-counter medicines, and their refills mean you no longer need to throw out so many containers.

Their stacking, well-designed containers are approachable and easy-to-read. And the medicine inside, while generic in brand, is all 3rd-party tested to ensure top quality.

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“The average American does not wake up and think about the sustainable crisis for medicine,” he explained. “When we think of sustainability, we’ll think of climate change. It’s difficult to bring that consciousness all the way through to all the important decisions people make today, all the way to medicine. The public awareness of sustainability and medicine could not be lower. We need to help educate people that, yes, this issue matters. Yes, there is something you can do about it. And this leads to a variety of other decisions that we make on sustainable health care.”

-Russell Gong, co-founder

Cabinet health allows you to customize your own medicine system online. And a yearly membership gets you $15.00 off your first order, and 20% off refills.