The Art of the Cocktail

The sheer number of cocktails in the world is impressive, but how people make and present them makes them all the more compelling.

As they say, we eat with our eyes, and presentation can go a long way to making a cocktail more intriguing, exotic, and delicious.

We’ve gathered a number of impressive cocktail images, showing a lot love from a bartender, mixologist, and photographer. They include smoke, herbs, fruit, all manner of ice, plus a range of glassware that can make a big difference in presentation.


Photo by Trinh Minh



Photo by Jia Jia


Photo by Alexandra Golovac



Photo by Ulvi Safari



Photo by Redd F


Photo by Redd F


Photo by Anima Visual




Photo by Alessio Zaccaria



Photo by Ram Ho



Photo by Bruno Branco



Photo by Pylyp Sukhenko



Photo by Ram Ho