The Most Luxurious Holiday Destinations to Visit This Summer

Is it about time you enjoyed a luxurious getaway? After a rough few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more Americans are excited to travel and prioritising travel spending. And if you have the means, luxury travel can make the whole process more enjoyable, from transport to accommodation, food, and activities. 

Private jet rental eliminates the delays and distractions of commercial flights for example, while a private yacht allows you to explore untouched waters. The best accommodation meanwhile provides privacy, views, and premium service, ensuring you return well rested. 

The most difficult part is often choosing where to go. Below, start researching luxury destinations to visit this summer (or have someone do it for you!).



If you’re looking for modern glamour, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the obvious place to start. This largely new, manmade city is dripping in riches, with lavish hotels, spas, and fine-dining galore to choose from. You can spend what’s left in its luxury shops or lively nightlife scene. 

The crowning jewel is of course the Burj Khalifa, opened in 2010 as the official tallest building on the planet. 



The Maldives

For a completely different feel, the Maldives has become synonymous with private island getaways. There’s only one resort per island, the glitziest of which feature spectacular overwater villas with private swimming and multiple dedicated restaurants a stone’s throw away, home to top chefs.  

It’s an excellent destination for diving excursions. Alternatively, simply kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 



If you like the Maldives, Mauritius is another sun-soaked island destination well worth adding to your list. 

This volcanic island in the southern Indian ocean exudes similar levels of glamour, with pristine white beaches, crystal-clear waters, and elaborate resorts to choose from. Some even feature their own golf courses if you want to fit some rounds in!



The Instagram-famous island of Bali also offers gorgeous beaches and accommodation, as well as tranquillity of different kinds. It’s known for its mystical temples and wellness culture, from spas to yoga and health foods, allowing travellers to discover and embrace new perspectives and ways of life.   

It’s a varied destination too, from the traditional mountain town of Ubud to the stunning coastal spots of Jimbaran Bay and Uluwatu. 



Côte d’Azur, France 

Turning attention to Europe, France’s famous Côte d’Azur goes hand in hand with the high life. This chic coastal region encompasses St Tropez, Antibes, Monaco, Cannes, and Nice, boasting a wealth of gorgeous beaches, luxury hotels, designer bars, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

There’s lots to explore inland too, including mountain scenery, secluded vineyards, and exclusive art museums.  

Do any of these destinations spark your interest? With a luxury budget there’s no need to choose just one to visit this year, of course. 



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