‘Thing Thing’ Side Table Resembles Terrazzo Tile, Made From Colorful Plastic Waste Scraps

We love the aesthetic and the purpose behind these Thing Thing side tables, made in collaboration with Floyd.

While the simple tables look like they’re made from Terrazzo tile, they actually are made from industrial plastic by-product shards.  Diverting waste from a landfill and looking cool, and serving a purpose? Seems like a good combination to us. Great example of stylish up-cycling. $345.


Locally Sourced Materials

Sourced from Detroit area automotive and toy factories, the table surface is made of 100% post-industrial plastic scraps, which were intercepted before reaching a landfill. Each surface is made from 7.5 lbs. of plastics that would otherwise be contributing to our growing waste problem.


Hand-Sorted Plastics

Post-industrial plastic is typically mixed together to create a tough gray plastic used for industrial purposes. By sorting and blending these plastics by hand, Thing Thing edits together a pallette of bright colors to create a truly unique statement side table.