This Planter Is Made With Landfill Waste and Locks Carbon Out of The Air

Made from landfill waste as well as a unique binder that permanently locks in carbon during the kiln process, this planter does more than make your plants look good.

The raw material is sourced from organic waste diverted from landfills, as well as porcelain. The special material binding it together is called OurCarbon™. It’s a doubly effective way to reduce waste and reduce carbon in the atmosphere, all while creating something that enhances the look of your home. The project is partnered with Sum Studio and Oakland-based design studio Break.

Hear more about the design process below.  Via Yanko Design:

“This new base material is called OurCarbon™. California-based company, Bioforcetech, has developed a technology to sanitize carbon and lock it into place for thousands of years. They developed the material as a soil amendment, material additive, filter, and colorant so it can be used in multiple ways.

– Yanko Design