Timur Zagirov’s New Marilyn Monroe Artwork

Timur Zagirov’s latest work continues his theme, re-creating iconic imagery using a mosaic of wooden pieces. It’s a beautiful hybrid between painting and sculpture.

His previous piece was a stunning Van Gogh self portrait, created with 425 wooden cubes. His latest is Andy Warhol’s iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe, carefully made from waxed wooden circles. Taking over a month to create, this is his first undertaking with circles versus cubes as a medium.

“Something new is always inspiring and motivating. You have to deal with new problems that you face when creating a new piece”, he tells Moss and Fog.

His impressive work is for sale, including two sizes of this new Marilyn Monroe piece. See more of Zagirov’s art on his Instagram and website.

Images used with artist’s permission.